Lemon Curd Birthday Cake

I was cautioned about putting the word, “curd” in the title of my post.  For some reason this reminds people of the word curdled, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.  Yes, lemon curd has eggs in it, and things with eggs can curdle, but lemon curd doesn’t.  It is a wonderful sort of sauce/filling made of sugar, lemon juice, butter, and eggs, and is silky and sweet and tart and splendid in every way.


So, Monday (actually February 6th, nearly two Mondays ago) was my birthday, and I didn’t really put much planning into it.  I knew that I would like to go out to eat at The Fiddlehead Restaurant where I went last year.  I knew I wanted a few friends, and that I wanted to make my own cake.  That was about it.  Then, Friday, the idea occurred to me that if I wanted to be adventurous, we should spend the night outside in a tent.  So we did.  WIth quite a few blankets and pillows.

So, we went to the restaurant, but because there are very few tables we could only get a reservation for 8:30, which meant we were done at 10:30 or so.  It was worth it, as the food was quite good, especially the salmon, which was cooked to perfection!  Anyways, so we returned home from the restaurant, and my friends refused to sleep in the tent unless they got cake first.  Now, you can see below that said cake has chopsticks stuck into it. This was to keep the layers from sliding apart, as the frosting, when just chilled in the fridge, did not hold its shape long at all.  Thus the skewers.  We froze the cake, and then ate it later.  My advice then is as follows: either frost one layer of the cake with the whipped cream frosting and then freeze before adding the next layer, or used whipped cream stabilized with gelatin and chilled.  Otherwise, you will have to skewer you cake, which doesn’t make for very appetizing photos.

So, this recipe worked out well in terms of taste but not in functionality.  There is a wonderful Gourmet recipe for a gluten-free lemon curd layer cake that I think I actually prefer better.  Also, the cake recipe I used from Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook was dryer than the gluten-free version of it I have made in the past.  Perhaps I need some practice making real food for a while…

Here is the link to the Lemon Curd Layer Cake Recipe, which I only used the frosting and curd of:  http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/1999/03/lemon_curd_layer_cake

I made 1 1/2 times the amounts specified in the cake recipe for three layers instead of two.  I think it was my fault that it was a little odd this time, so I still encourage those who have, “The New Best Recipe,” cookbook, to try out the Yellow Layer Cake, using a little less vanilla and a tablespoon of lemon zest like I did.



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