Peanut and Molasses Breakfast Bars

I wanted to tell you my dream about persimmons, maggots and a hand made of cotton candy, but then I couldn’t remember half of it.  I guess that says it all though, that I would be willing to write a post about a dream involving maggots.  But really, there’s not much else to say, and though a cotton candy hand is terribly impractical, it makes for a good story.  What’s really happening right now isn’t half as interesting as the rollicking adventures of my dreams. Right now it’s homework, swimming, and cooking if time permits.  It does not involve blogging.  Last year at this time I was wondering whether I could keep up blogging.  Ha!  Old self, you knew nothing of what it is to work.  Constantly. Forever and ever and ever and ever.  Even at this moment I should be working on an essay.

But enough of that.  I haven’t been blogging because of all the work, but now I am.  No more talk of the pile building up in my room.  No more!  Instead, guess what I’m looking forward to?  Thanksgiving!  With Veterans Day today there’s only a 4-day week, and next week is ALL vacation.  Can you imagine it?  A full week of sleep and cooking and sleep…

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some cooking with my grandmother, making biscuits and cranberry sauce.  Hopefully the cold weather will blow in, making the warmth of the fire at the farm enough of an enjoyment to cancel out anything else unpleasant.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make a few pies, and eat some for breakfast the next morning (Pie for breakfast is a great tradition here).  It’s arguably my favorite holiday.  Christmas is nice, but the joy of Thanksgiving is in all the time leading up, all the time spent laboring over the many dishes.  You can focus on the easy things, the simple things.  Yes, Thanksgiving is about simplicity.

Now, this recipe is in no way related to Thanksgiving.  I’ve got lots of recipes and things to post during next week’s rest.  This is just something that I tried out today for not particular reason.  I was going for granola bars, but they’re really too soft to be called that.  They’re not insanely sweet, but definitely sweet enough.  I used natural peanut butter, made with just salt and peanuts, but I suppose you could use any other type.  It’s a very adaptable recipe.  You could add any type of dried fruit or nuts or seeds.  You could add flax meal, or wheat germ, or some quinoa, or, of course, some chocolate.  Here’s the base recipe though.  The banana is quite obvious, and the molasses not as much.

Peanut and Molasses Breakfast Bars
Makes 12

1 3/4 cup oats (not quick cooking)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/3 cup roughly chopped unsalted peanuts
1/2 cup sweetened (or unsweetened) coconut
1 banana, mashed
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup molasses

Line a 8 by 8 inch pan with parchment paper (two strips the width of the pan perpendicular to each other).  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Mix together all ingredients and press into the pan.  Cook for 20 to 25 minutes.  Remove from the oven and let cool at room temperature for half an hour.  You may then want to refrigerate them so that they don’t crumble when you separate them from each other.  Eventually though, remove them from the pan with the parchment, separate them, and store in a sealed container in the fridge or at room temperature.

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