A Lavish Lunch

Almost a year ago I told you about a lunch I had at the Looking Glass restaurant, made by Arturo Montez, executive chef of the Looking Glass Restaurant and Chef Johnathan Cartwright of The White Barn Inn.  Today I attended the lunch again, which benefits EMMC’s CancerCare of Maine.  But instead of Montes and Cartwright, it was Montes and Frank McClelland of L’Espalier in Boston.  Yet again I was wowed by the culinary expertise; the menu is below.

Now, the first part of the menu that I particularly enjoyed was the Brandywine Tomato and Eggplant Terrine.  It was a wonderful balance of textures and flavors.  The almond cream, which I wouldn’t have thought to pair with eggplant and tomatoes, had a strong flavor that worked beautifully.  The eggplant hadn’t been excessively cooked, and thus provided the substance needed for the dish.  Next, we had rolls with thyme butter and blueberry butter, I enjoyed both, though I think I preferred the thyme.  In the salad that followed the lobster was perfectly cooked, rich, and buttery.  The small amount of sorbet worked as a perfect way to cleanse the palate with its combination of blueberry and basil, where neither overpowered the flavor of the other.  I must say that the next dish was probably my favorite.  I don’t know, something about the nuttiness and richness of the pecans paired with the tart blackberries just worked for me.  The blend of grains upon which the fish sat helped to soak up all the flavors.  It was especially good because the fish was so moist and perfectly cooked.  This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the Sirloin.  I did.  It was a very warm dish, with the chanterelles and potatoes.  The steak was cooked beautifully with the outside edge lightly charred all around, and the inside still quite pink.  Yet the char didn’t just taste burnt, but lent itself to the rest of the flavors of the dish, helping to bring it all together.  Finally, the pear almond tart, was divine.  It was buttery and full of almond flavor. Or course, I could have gone with something even more dense and almond-y, but that’s just me.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience, lasting far longer than it had estimated on the invitation.  It was  a wonderful way to enjoy that day; we could even see a full view of Bar Harbor as we ate!

Oh, and I should mention, tomorrow’s the anniversary of my blog. Can you believe it has been a full year already!

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