Marginal Muffins

As I am working on my Daring Bakers challenge for my second weekend in a row, I really don’t have much to give you otherwise by way of recipes.  The only thing I have is this pumpkin applesauce muffin recipe from the Oprah Magazine Cookbook.  It’s decent, but personally it has a couple of unforgivable flaws, and really, I think pumpkin muffins taste the exact same.

To begin with, this recipe specified to have you cook them 20-25 minutes.  Now, mine were already more done than I would like (and of course I like mine kind of underdone) at 16 minutes, which is fully done for everyone else.  Maybe this is because I used gluten-free flour which means you must undercook, but this seemed like more than normal. So, that’s one thing.  The other is that these kind of taste a little like apples, but mostly just like a  weak version of pumpkin muffins.  In other words, I have a much better recipe from somewhere else.  The last thing, which I kind of anticipated, is that this recipe states that it makes 12 muffins.  Guess what?  It makes closer to 3 times that amount.  Or maybe two times, I made a bunch of miniature muffins for lunches and am not quite sure of the conversion from miniature to normal size.
So those are all of the problems.  The other thing I would like to note are the results of my wild mushroom soup, where I used good wild mushrooms and entirely fresh herbs.  Turns out it was actually better the first time with baby bellas.   If you decide to make this, just use baby bellas like I did or something cheaper.  Do not bother spending money on chanterelles and shiitake mushrooms like we did.  Of course, they do look very pretty:

That’s all for now.  I cannot wait until I can tell you about the results of my Daring Baker’s Challenge on the 27th!  It’s looking promising!

I won’t bother giving you the recipe for the muffins. When I make my better recipe for pumpkin muffins I’ll post that one.

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