First Day

Here begins the first day of my project.  It is but two weeks until school begins and a good time to get used to writing a blog.  Earlier today my mom returned home from the farmer’s market with a whole bunch of vegetables, bread, and other wonderful ingredients.  I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the bounty-how would I ever find interesting ways to utilize all of this in a way that preserves all of the fresh flavor?  I would almost rather just sautee the cabbage and eat it all by itself, relishing the end of summer.  For this reason, you may see some seemingly meaningless posts in the future.  Please understand that all of this fresh produce can be a bit difficult to handle.
This morning I also found out that my cousin is having a birthday tomorrow and would like for me to make her a birthday cake.  Now, I positively adore making birthday cakes for people, and this is no exception, especially because she asked for a whoopie pie cake.  But, though it sounds wonderful, I now have to think about what I signed on for.  She, like my younger brothers, cannot eat gluten (wheat, rye, barley) and so making a whoopie pie cake may prove problematic.  Without gluten, baked goods often fall apart, which is what I’m afraid of with  a cake that has a rounded base piled on with heavy filling.  I’m actually starting to consider making a bunch of small cakes and stacking them together, though the giant cake still has an appeal…
You’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

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Hi I'm Madeleine and I am an avid cook and baker! Between school, homework swimming, and everything else in my life, I really enjoy cooking! I am 15 (now 16) years old, and have two brothers, both of whom have celiac disease along with my father. For this reason, I often make gluten-free things that will satisfy them as well as those who can readily consume gluten. I enjoy making the complex and the simple, and enjoy a challenge while cooking. That's just about it!